Ananias House: Reaching the Middle East and North Africa for Christ

Ananias House
Ananias House

Ananias House exists to support the growing body of Christ in the Middle East and North Africa with dynamic ministries to develop churches, train leaders, and provide life-enriching services to local communities of believers. It is also one of the Five Pillars supported by The Bless Foundation at their upcoming 2018 Light the World fundraiser and benefit event (Dec. 9th).

About Ananias House

“But the Lord said to Ananias, ‘Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel. I will show him how much he must suffer for my name.’” Acts 9:15-16

Ananias House was started after its founder, Brother John, witnessed first hand both the devastating impact the civil war in Syria had on his homeland and the miraculous power of God in the lives of His children caught in the crossfire. Churches in Syria were left with few resources to care for the enormous number of people flooding their doors seeking refuge and truth.

A’idah’s Testimony

Below is a story sent to me from The Bless Foundation and Ananias House. It is the testimony of someone who came to know Christ through their ministry. It says more about their work than anything I could ever write.

A’idah was indifferent to most religious matters but believed that the Virgin Mary should be adored.

When the war came, A’idah lost everything.  She fled with her son and found refuge in a one-room apartment with no furniture. She and her son were on the verge of starving when she decided to visit a church who handed out supplies. 

For 18 months, A’idah went to the church weekly to receive food.  She refused to listen to the preaching, putting her fingers in her ears when she went in the sanctuary. Eventually, she stopped going in for the preaching at all, and would stand outside the church during the sermon, and only go in at the end, when the pastor handed out food.  Then one day, much to her chagrin, the church installed a screen outside of the building.  A’idah hated seeing the pastor’s face on the screen but started listening to the words.  She felt the Holy Spirit stirring in her heart.  She describes an internal wrestling match, where she felt something pushing her to go in, but part of her really fought against it.  Finally, she went into the church, sat down, and began to really listen.

The pastor was preaching about blessings, and she heard for the first time how Jesus had died for her sins so that she might believe in Him and receive the free gift of grace. When A’idah heard about grace, it felt as though someone had poured hot water all over her.  She says that in that moment, her life changed, and she gave herself to Jesus.  She prayed “Lord, I’m sorry. Because when I was crying for my house, I should have been crying for all the wasted time without you.”

A’idah’s family persecutes her, although friends have noted that she is completely different now.  One day, neighbors from her old neighborhood were visiting her.  They marveled at the change they saw in her, saying “How can this be? A’idah, you lived in a mansion and you were so unhappy, and now you only have one room and no belongings, and you are happy? Tell us why.” A’idah pulled out her bible and shared her testimony. She said “Taste and see the Lord is good. Blessed are those who find refuge in Him.”

A’idah is committed to visiting the sick and injured and testifying to Christ to everyone she meets. She believes that serving others is what makes someone great, and continues to pray for the rest of her family to come to faith.

Please continue praying for people like A’idah who gets to know the Lord Jesus Christ and surrender their lives to Him.  Also, continue to pray for those faithful proclaimers of the gospel!

How You Can Help

Yes, please continue to pray for A’idah and other like her. Continue to pray for, and support what Ananias House does for Christ in the Middle East and North Africa.  But more than anything, I pray for a faith like A’idah’s in my own life.

This weekend (Dec. 9th) The Bless Foundation will be hosting their annual fundraiser to benefit the five organizations they have chosen to support in 2019. Ananias House is one of those beneficiaries. You can learn more about the 2018 Light the World event here.

You may also reach out to learn more about how you can help Ananias House by emailing them at


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