Austin Stone to Open New Campus in West Austin


The Austin Stone Community Church will establish more permanent roots in West Austin when it unveils a new worship facility geared toward serving Westlake families. The 55,000 square foot building will serve as office space during the week for area businesses and transform into a bustling church on Sunday mornings beginning October 7.

A Permanent Home

The Austin Stone Community Church meets in five campus locations throughout Austin to better serve the unique needs of each geographic area of the city. The West Campus location of the Austin Stone has been holding Sunday services at a temporary space for a number of years. The 700 weekly attendees will move to its new home located at 916 S. Capital of Texas Highway, giving the church a permanent presence in the community and providing additional meeting space for the multi-generational congregation it serves.

“We do have a deep desire to put down roots within the community in a way that feels more permanent, and in a way where we can serve the community seven days of the week,” said Ross Lester, Austin Stone West Campus Pastor.

“Our hope is that we would help people really blend all of the different spheres of their lives. So whether that’s education, business, work, routines, hobbies– really trying to put faith in the middle rather than just making it one more thing they need to juggle,” said Lester.

A Multi-Functional Facility

The Austin Stone is remodeling the former office complex at 916 S. Capital of Texas Highway into a multifunctional facility which includes: a 450 seat auditorium, well-designed space for children’s activities and Students Ministry, a counseling center, and professional offices that will be leased to area businesses during the week. The rental income will help cover the cost of acquiring the new building and will one day help fund missions work around the world.

“If you come during the week it will feel like an upscale office park,”  said Lester. “If you come on a Sunday, it will feel like a space where you will be comfortable to worship. Our hope is people will feel the different spheres of their lives coming together in a space that is designed to do exactly that.”

Starting October 7, Austin Stone West Campus will begin holding service times at 9:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. at 916 S. Capital of Texas Highway. For additional information about the Austin Stone visit their website:

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