Millennials Share the Gospel with the I-Generation at Youth Event


Millennials tend to get a bad rap these days, but at a recent Discipleship-Now (D-Now) event in Tyler, Texas, the rap was great!

Wesley Wyatt, guest speaker and youth pastor from New London Baptist Church, gives a powerful message in a rap song. Wyatt is accompanied by local musicians, Brian Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Jesse Holt, David Hull, and Paul Ruark.

Wesley Wyatt, youth pastor, was the guest speaker at a recent D-Now event, organized by Joe Dees, youth pastor at Lone Star Church. It was an action-packed weekend where high school students spent time in Christian fellowship, played games, ate lots of food, and most importantly, heard the Gospel.

A Break from Technology

Joe Dees commented that he incorporates youth events as often as possible. “Today’s youth are busier than ever. It’s so easy for them to go through their day and not once think about God. It’s a battle for their attention. Events such as D-Now just give you a minute to escape all the craziness and just have time alone with God.”

Dees explained how important it is for young people to “step back from the world and just be completely surrounded by God.”

He also commented, “You would think that the kids would be dying to get back to their phones and games, but each time I hear them saying, “Wow! That was fun! Let’s have another D-Now next weekend.”

Information Overload

I talked with Wesley about why he speaks at D-Now and other youth events.

“There is a great need in the students, the young people, the teenagers – because they are bombarded with information. It’s like information overload and it’s all being generated from the internet…and so very little of that is actually truth.”

Students learned biblical truth and had the opportunity to apply it to their lives.

A Message to the Next Generation

Pastor Wyatt explained how important the truth is for young people:

“The ideology of their generation and in their culture and what they deem to be socially acceptable so many times is not what God says in His Word. They struggle to discern what voice they should listen to – what is truth and what’s not truth. My message to that generation is that they need to know what God says about them. They need to hear the truth of the Gospel. They need to hear the truth of God’s Word.”

God’s Word vs. Social Media

Wyatt relates how young people need to know who they are outside of social media and peer pressure:

“They need to know that the way God feels about them and the way God thinks about them is not how their friends feel about them.”

It’s a powerful message that can resonate with Christians of all ages. How encouraging and inspiring to see young adults from the millennial generation reaching out and preaching the Gospel to the next generation of young people.

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