Put Down Your Phones! It’s Family Fishing Day!


Put down your cell phones, laptops and electronic devices of all kinds! It’s time to do something old fashioned: It’s time for Family Fishing Day!

Adults and kids alike appear consumed with online activities these days. Social media, texting and video chatting seem to take up all our time, making it difficult for us to communicate face-to-face. Some families report texting their kids to come down for dinner!

Not that long ago, things were different. A text was a book. Social media was the Lifestyle section of the newspaper and video chatting only happened in Sci-Fi movies. With all that free time on our hands, parents would sometimes fill it with some fun family activities. Like fishing!

Southwest Community Church will be hosting their Family Fishing day during the first week of June! Kids and adults of all ages will have an exciting time fishing at the Bradfield Park Pond in Buda!

What is Family Fishing Day?

Every year Southwest Christian Church partners with Texas Parks and Wildlife for Family Fishing Day. Texas Parks and Wildlife stocks Bradfield Park Pond, and provides poles and bait! You just need to bring adults and kids who want to have some fun and (maybe) catch some fish!

Also, don’t forget a fishing license for everyone 17 and older.

What is provided:

Southwest Christian Church will also provide a free hotdog lunch with plenty of water and Capri Sun to help keep you cool on a hot summer day. SWCC loves bringing families together for fun events so kids and parents (or grandparents) can just hang out and spend quality time together.

This event happens every year on the first Wednesday in June. This year the event will be from 9 am to noon on Wednesday, June 6th. Go to SWCC’s website (or here) to register for this free event today!

What better way to spend a hot summer day than chilling out by a pond, putting worms on a hook and catching some fish? Not to mention free food! It’s a great opportunity for families to get away from a hi-tech world for a little while so you can enjoy some old time, one-on-one, fun with their kids or grandkids.

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